QuestionPriya Jasmin (my middle name) Answer

Now thats a beautiful name

Parade - His Majesty Andre

Ragysh - Todd Terje

I Wanna Be Your Lover (Geisha Twins Rework) - Prince

You & Me (Pat Lok Homies Wear Remix) - Disclosure

A Thing For Me - Metronomy

J.A.W.S - Luxary

Aurora - Vanguard

Stay (Branchez Bootleg) - Rihanna

Magick - Klaxons

I Can See (DCUP Remix) - Jazzanova feat. Ben Westbeech

No One - Moon Boots

Thanks Priya!

48hourday Asked
QuestionThomas (won't get much with Tom eh!) Answer

Tapes & Money - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

How I Could Just Kill A Man - Cypress Hill

Oh La La Satan (Stereoheroes Remix) - Mustard Pimp

My Girls (Hatchmatik Disco Bootleg) - Animal Collective

As Above, So Below - Klaxons

S_M_A_S_H_ (Blende_Remix) - Surrender!

Cheers Thomas / Tom!

hijackfb Asked
QuestionOk hopefully this won't be too difficult (plus I wasn't sure whether to just put the first name or the full name) but let's try this out: JACK BOWDLER Answer

Ah a challenger appears!

Jack Hammer - TAI & Riton

Airglow Fires - Lone

Come alive (le youth remix) - Chromeo

Keep On Loving me - Onra

Baby I Got That - Bondax

OH! - Camaro Kids

Waves (Rollergirl Bootleg) - Funk LeBlanc

Day Off (Anoraak Remix) - Xinobi

Let It Happen - Magna

Echohunter - Vanguard

Real Slow (Plastic Plates remix) - Miami Horror

Thank You Mr. Bowdler!!!

phyi Asked
QuestionKelly Answer

Kilometer (Aeroplane Italo 84 Remix) - Sebastien Tellier

Everywhere (Psychemagik Edit) - Fleetwood Mac

Last Summer - Lo-Fi-Fnk

Last Night - Pablo J & The Lobsterettes

You Are My - Roman d’Amour

Thank you Kelly!!!



Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

I’ll keep posting this because it’s got me thinking about old music I’d forgotten


*follows dreams* *dreams dont follow back* *unfollows dreams*

QuestionAlexa! :))) Answer

After Dark - The Count & Sinden

Lady (Hear Me Tonight) - Modjo

Easy Fraction (Yaaman Remix) - Breakbot

X Girl (feat. Rye Rye) (Alan Braxe Remix) - Teenage Bad Girl

All You’re Waiting For - Classixx

Thank You!!!!!


Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

And the lord said “In Ireland, should the sky ever be clear and the day sunny those brave enough to venture out for even a few minutes should become hideously sunburnt”